Mediation Services

I am very proactive in handling mediations. In one case, I settled a dispute that had gone on for 30 years. More recently, I worked with parties who owned a healthy business, but the parties could not get along with one another. I assisted the parties in negotiating a settlement that contemplated a temporary CRO running the business until such time as they could sell it for a handsome profit, which they ultimately accomplished!
Judith Ross
“Parties resolving their disputes on their own terms is far preferable to a judge or twelve unknown people making the decision for them.”
Neil Orleans

Mediation brings all parties and their legal representatives together in an attempt to reach an agreeable resolution without incurring the cost and expense of litigation.  Mediation agreements are legally binding and can substantially reduce the litigation costs for all parties involved in a bankruptcy case.

With long and distinguished careers handling hundreds of business bankruptcy disputes, Judith Ross, Frances Smith, and Neil Orleans have acquired a thorough understanding of almost every major industry including: energy, technology, real estate, manufacturing, mining, franchising, transportation, and others. Accordingly, they can mediate a variety of complex business disputes, whether or not bankruptcy issues are implicated, and will stay with the parties as long as it takes to resolve their dispute.

Mediation Philosophy

Judith Ross

Ms. Ross believes it is the mediator’s job to study and understand the merits of the underlying dispute. She is not a mediator who merely acts as a messenger service for the parties. With 34 years of experience in resolving complex disputes, Ms. Ross, due to her energy and focus, quickly ascertains the merits of a dispute and helps drive parties to a productive and mutually beneficial resolution.


Frances Smith

Ms. Smith believes that the mediator’s job is to understand the facts and law governing the dispute, to listen to the parties to understand their concerns and priorities, and to guide them to their own resolution of their issues.

Neil Orleans

Mr. Orleans believes it is important to be more than a messenger. The mediator's job is to facilitate the discussions and when appropriate, provide guidance to the parties to enable them to resolve the dispute.